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origin. By Bowater J. Vernon. — ^The subject of this case had
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we cannot but express our regret that matter so valuable should
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nearly always npon some disease of the brain, cerebellum, or
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certain cases there may exist a rupture of some large vessel or vessels in the
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awful calamity: — 1, Diseases of the heart and large vessels; 2, Diseases of the
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The ' Few Thoughts concerning Infanticide/ by Mrs. Baines,
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if the stomach was already quiescent before the period of vomiting
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four tenths of snow, and six days of fog. Nice is much more
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Lead. — As to this metal, a part of the observations made on it by De-
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one length into another) must be thought of, especially
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on every account to the crowd of preparations which the industrious and specu-
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the other. In the normal state both eyes are, of course, alike,
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several patients, who were severely affected with this malady, applying to me.
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pregnancy, and in all the cases the antero-poslerior diameter varied from two
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delivered in the Dublin Lying-in Hospital, the writings of
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freely; pulse now moderately accelerated. Directed Carpenter's extract, four
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[We ha^e been in the habit, for a considerable period, of employing poultices
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good reason why the ear is boxed, cuffed, or walloped
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Boyal Lying-in Institution of Berlin. E. Mabtin. — Berl. Elin.
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that he had not extended his experiments to antimony also, and these we
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blood is eflTused as soon as the head is severed from the body, it comes from the
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The injury Avas principally confined to the soles of his feet, but extended up
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This is followed by an admirable digest of the history of haemoptysis or he-
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Physician to the General Lying-in Hospital, Lecturer on Midwifery, &c., &c.,
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son to believe that the aggfregation of mankind in towns is not inevitably dis-
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7 th. — ^Erysipelas of the ankle set in, and she became weaker until
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rally known by the name of the " Trembles.'''' Sometimes, the first symp-
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is sleepy, though not stupid as in the afternoon previous.
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for July, 1859, p. 256), describes the association in a systematio manner as being
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Naso- Pharyngeal Polypi. (Bulletin de la Soc. de Chir., tome vii,
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was bled largely, with very great relief, and being removed to a bed, vinegar,
A few headaches are attributable to eye-strain, but
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much concealment is invariably practised in the Papal and other
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hygieinisk og forensisk Synsponkt. Af P. A. Sohlbishbb, Dr. Med.,
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varies from that of violets to that of — ^well, to put it

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